K&A timepieces are the perfect fit for those who dare to stand out with flair and style.

This is a one-of-a-kind collection, each timepiece has its own identity shaped through unique designs and crafted with an eye for refined detail.

These sophisticated pieces are available in a range of designs that combine high quality, genuine leather and dazzling stainless steel.



This noble collection features fragrances for both men and women, each incorporating a signature mixture housed within a unique bottle.

The prestigious scents utilize the highest quality ingredients to ensure that those who breathe in the bouquet of each perfume remain enchanted with each passing moment.



Timeless designs crafted with high-quality Italian leather by master craftspeople, K&A leather wallets are available a myriad of colors and textures from classic to runwayinspired.

This expansive collection features captivating colors, eye-catching designs, and covetable sizes that guarantee to keep your essentials safe in a luxurious billfold.



Bold, dynamic, and prestigious – the exceptional collection of writing instruments by K&A are exquisitely crafted in either radiant stainless or glowing silver and decorated with hand-cut diamonds.

Designed for writers and devotees of the written word seeking a sophisticated pen that helps them tell their story in a myriad of ways, K&A pens offer lasting value and supreme German quality.