Eval was created in tribute for enthusiasts seeking refinement and unwavering performance at an affordable price.

The abundant collection features timepieces in various designs incorporating Rhodium, gold, silver, rose, and grey alloys set in diverse, captivating colors.



Eval perfumes offer a range of scents to suit any fragrance preference for both men and women.

The collection, which is available in varying price ranges, is ideal for those seeking to making a lasting, aromatic impression in any situation.



The exclusive designs in this collection offer owners the opportunity to own a writing instrument infused with timeless elegance and everlasting quality.

This allows them to create an enduring, personal connection with the Eval pen of their choice.



Eval wallets are available in diverse colors and are crafted from the best genuine leather.

Each wallet features multiple card slots in designs that are perfectly-sized to accommodate all the money you wish to carry while maintaining a slim silhouette.